Community Leaders

“This app will be a game-changer. I’ve seen the impact voter communication has in Sacramento. In 2009, the Governor proposed cutting all funding for state parks. Voters stopped those cuts by inundating the Governor and legislative offices with communications. This app will make it much easier to communicate in a timely and effective manner.”
Joan Buchanan
former Chair, CA Assembly Education Committee
“The only way our legislative framework will really reflect our values is through true community engagement. This tool could be powerful towards that goal.”
Gina Dalma
Special Advisor to the CEO on Public Policy, Silicon Valley Community Foundation


“I just received two alerts on AB 992 and AB 273, and I sent my postcards! What an APP!”
Harvey Schloss
Early Care and Learning
“So glad we were able to work with Click My Cause in 2017 and 2018. The tool and your support were both terrific. Looking forward to next year.”
Owen Bailey
Environmental Defense Center
"Click My Cause makes it so easy for members to take their first step in advocacy. Once they see their impact, they're inspired to get more engaged."
Charles Rothchild
Equal Start


“This app is so critical for our California schools. I finally put my first app on my iPhone!”
Carly Owens
California elementary school teacher
“Thank YOU [Click My Cause] for doing the heavy lifting! All I had to do is click!”
Sylvia Star-Lack
California public school parent
“Together we will be a mighty wave for justice for our children!”
Diane Rolfe
Community Activist for Education and Children