Our Successes


2019  Legislation Victories
Governor signed the legislation!

Gun safety
Gun violence prevention
Gun violence restraining orders
Beth Am Women (AB 1603, AB 339)
Young Children
Childcare providers collective bargaining protections
Silicon Valley Children’s Advocacy Network (AB 378)
Family childcare home provider supports
Silicon Valley Children’s Advocacy Network (SB 234) 
Smog Checks for Big Rig Trucks
Peninsula Interfaith Climate Action (SB 210)
Oil spill protection
Orchard City Indivisible (AB 936)
Protected Coyote Valley
Orchard City Indivisible (AB 948)
Transition Trucks/Buses Off Diesel-Fueled
Orchard City Indivisible (SB 44) 
LGBTQ Teacher training
San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs (AB 493)
Charter school regulations
San Ramon Valley Education Assn., Orchard City Indivisible (AB 1505, Ab 1507)
Keep Children Healthy – Close the Vaccine Loophole
Palo Alto PTA Council (SB 276)
Protect the Mojave Trails Monument Water Sources
California Dem Rural Caucus (SB 307)
Ban Fur Trapping
Protect Horses
Protect bobcats
Orchard City Indivisible (AB 273, AB 1254, AB 128)
Rural concerns
Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund
California Dem. Party Rural Caucus (AB 74)

2018  Legislation Victories
The Governor signed the legislation!

Gun Safety
Age to buy rifles raised to hand gun purchase age (SB 1100)
Protect the CA Coast
No additional offshore oil drilling (AB 1775, SB 834)
Student Suicide Intervention
Prevention and training at K-12 schools (AB 2639)
Domestic Violence
Law enforcement training (SB 1331)
Sexual Assault
Ease child victims’ filing requirements (SB 1053)
Increased childcare health and safety (AB 605)
Family engagement
– a proven model for student success (AB 2878)
Housing for people with disabilities (AB 2162)
Criminal Justice
Prohibit trying 14 and 15 years olds in adult courts (SB 1391)
Workplace Sexual Harassment and Discrimination  (SB 224, SB 1300)


2017 Legislation Victories
the Governor signed the legislation!

Poverty Alleviation/Education
School meals for low-income students
Homeless Youth Act

Extend paid parental leave

English Learners assistance in K-12
Visual and performing arts school standards

Gun Safety
Guns banned from school zones

Protections for immigrant students

Expanded childcare eligibility for working parents
Trauma screening