Our Causes


Gun Safety
  • Increase age to buy rifles & shotguns
  • Thank you Manhattan Beach PTA, Palo Alto PTA Council and Beth Am Women 

  • Protecting and enhancing the CA coast
  • Thank you Environmental Defense Center

  • Restore funding for K-12 schools
  • Invest in pupil suicide prevention
  • Increase family engagement, a proven model for student success
  • Thank you San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs and Palo Alto PTA Council mobile alerts

Civil Rights
  • Workplace sexual harassment and discrimination
  • Thank you 2Bikes Sexual Assault Prevention 

Children & Families
  • Invest in affordable quality childcare
  • Pre-school mental health programs
  • Prohibit trying youths as adults and housing them in adult prisons
  • Transitional Kindergarten
  • Thank you Equal Start, Beth Am Women, Palo Alto PTA Council and  San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs s

Poverty Alleviation
  • Help foster youth
  • Help homeless youth
  • Thank you Palo Alto PTA Council and Beth Am Women 

  • Supportive housing for people with disabilities
  • Thank you  Beth Am Women