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Why join the organizations using the Click My Cause app?

Timely large-scale grassroots advocacy, quick and easy.  People speak up on your legislation – with a click of a button.

  • Mobile Alerts
    •  A vast majority of Americans own smartphones.
    • Email alerts have a very low response rate, buried in overflowing email inboxes, and time consuming to act upon
  •  Targets reached with 2 clicks
    • Just 2 clicks to email Sacramento (1- open alert, 2 – email Sacramento)
    • Emails CA assembly member, CA senator, the committee hearing the issue, and any additional members of the legislature
  • Broaden your outreach
    • Your mobile alerts reach all Click My Cause app users following your organization
    • With the social media app feature, grow the number of CA constituents emailing Sacramento on your legislation – beyond your immediate membership numbers.
  • Real-time analytics
  • Easy to use Minimal time to set up and manage your admin webpage


Note: we are a Public Benefit Corporation. We only permit organizations advancing positive social change to use our app.