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At the urging of many, Click My Cause launched a $100,000 GoFundMe campaign to bring our Two-Tap app to Android, add critical functionality, and expand our geographic reach beyond California.With your help, we will take our mobile alerts platform BIG!

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Our phenomenal 95% action rates (compared to 12% email and 35% text alert action rates) prove people care, and want to speak up, if we make participation quick and easy.
Together, we are helping to pass impactful laws.
Help us meet demand from amazing organizations wanting to join our platform, in CA and in more states.

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Ann DeHovitz
Barry Kayton
David Coale
Crystal Wilson
Don Bolce

Eva Dobrov
Heather Hopkins
Heather Sahami
Jennifer DiBrienza
Karen Nelson
Katherine Sherman
Linda Krop
Lisa Akselrad
Liza Hausman
Melissa Racz

Michelle Ogburn
Mike Smith
Nancy Federman
Nancy Shepherd
Robin Krop
Sarah Sands
Stephanie Guzman
Stephanie Scott
Steve Lazarus
Todd Weber