Gideon Shaanan – Chief Technology Officer

Gideon Shaanan believes that Click My Cause is one of the rare instances where a viable for-profit tech-venture is also a worthy force for good. A way to awaken and direct the “power of the crowds”, especially the younger crowds, into engagement in public life. A way to make sure that decisions, government and otherwise, are not made in the absence of public participation but based on public participation.

Gideon is a seasoned member of the global high-tech entrepreneurship community with over 25 years of success as a creative innovator in technology, management, leadership and entrepreneurship. Most of Gideon’s technology work has been in commercial software development. Gideon has worked with large and small US and international corporations in various executive, management, advisory and consulting positions. Among these are Apple, National Geographic Society, AAON, UC Santa Cruz, Santa Fe Institute, Alchemedia, U3, FishWise and others.

Prior to Click My Cause, Gideon focused his consulting and education work on Organizational Entrepreneurship, guiding medium and large companies in developing and/or recapturing innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities through organizational means. Gideon also regularly guides and mentors startups and budding entrepreneurs that are looking for their early traction.

Since 2013, Gideon has served on the Board of Directors of FishWise, a successful non-profit dedicated to sustainability in global fisheries and to protecting human rights in global fishing practices.

In 2011, Gideon established the Entrepreneurship Studies Initiative at the University of California Santa Cruz where he designed, developed and taught entrepreneurship courses and seminars. In 2013, Gideon helped found the Technology Ventures Launch Program ( and has continued to be a faculty member there.

Gideon received his M.S. Engineering from Cornell University and his B.S. Engineering from the Technion in Israel.