Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download the app on my smart phone?
The Click My Cause app is available for the iPhone. We plan to offer the app for Android phones in the future.

Do you share my email address?
We do not share your email address with any organization. Your elected representatives receiving your messages see your email address, and the information you entered identifying you as one of their constituents (name, street address).  Please see our privacy policy on our home page.  The organizations you choose to send you mobile alerts see your name and city only.

What is the meaning of the red “Act Now” button by a bill? 
When there is a red “Act Now” button by a bill, it’s time to message Sacramento.  Click on the “Act Now” button, and then click “send postcard.” 

What if there is no red “Act Now” button by a bill?
When there is no red “act now” button by a bill, that means there’s no action to take. When you tap on the bill, you will still see your message for the bill. But wait until the supporting organization alerts you it’s time to speak up on the bill. Then, there will be the red “act now” button by the bill.

What is the meaning of the red badge on my Click My Cause app icon?
A red badge on your app icon means you have a pending alert. Open the app, and click on the “Act Now” button.

Why am I not receiving any alerts?
Confirm Notifications are turned on for the Click My Cause app.  Make sure you allowed notifications for this app (see “Allow Notifications” below). Also confirm you do not have a pending update for the app.  If none of this works, then delete the app and download it again from the app store. If you do not remember your password after you download it (on the sign-in screen), there is a “forgot password” feature on the sign-in screen.

Timing Organizations only send alerts when your voice is needed because a bill is up for a vote in the CA legislature.  The CA legislature is in session January through September, with alerts starting in March every year.

Allow Notifications To ensure you receive alerts, check your notifications setting for the Click My Cause app:

  • On your iPhone, click on Settings
  • Click on Notifications
  • Click on Click My Cause app 
  • Make sure the “allow notifications” at the top is green (if not, slide button)
  • Turn on “show on lock screen” so you always see your Click My Cause banner alerts

If notifications are turned on, check your notifications selected for this app.  The  best “alert style” for this app is the “alerts” selection.  That way, all you have to do is tap on the alert to send your postcard.The alternative alert style, the “banner” selection, will disappear from your iPhone screen.  When the banner disappears, you can still send your postcards either by (1) clicking on the alert in your notifications tray or (2) clicking on your CMC icon (and clicking on any pending “Act Now” red buttons).

Why do you need my street address?
We need your street address (not just your city or zip code) to identify your California state legislators (assembly member and senator) to receive your messages.  More than one legislator can represent voters within the same zip code.

I entered my name incorrectly
Click on “edit profile” above the drop down navigation menu

I entered my address incorrectly
Click on “edit profile” on the drop down navigation menu

I am receiving an “error” message for my apartment or condo unit when I enter my address
Enter your unit number without using the “#” sign.  For example, “Unit 1”, not “Unit #1”

I forgot my password
Click on “forgot password” on the sign in screen

I want to change my email address

  • Access the dropdown menu by tapping on the three horizontal bars in the black bar above “Welcome” on your home screen
  • At the top of the dropdown menu, tap on the green “edit profile”
  • Tap on your email address, change it
  • Tap “done” on the top black bar
  • Select  “home” to return to your home screen 

Can I share on social media?
Yes.  On the email postcard and on the  “thank you” screen after you click “send postcard,” you will see options to share on social media.  For your social media friends, it’s just a couple clicks too (click 1: open share link, click 2, email Sacramento – if they have the app.  If they don’t have the app, the share link takes them to the App store)

Who receives my “postcard” message? 
Your “postcard” is sent to your CA assembly member, CA senator, and the committee where the bill is pending.  If you tap on the word “Representative” in the phrase “Dear Representative,” you will see the list of recipients of your message.

Can I message Sacramento on issues important to me, in addition to responding to mobile alerts? 
Yes.  On the dropdown menu, select “contact representative.” Type in the issue or bill, select “support” or “oppose.” When you’re done, click “create postcard.” You can add a personal note to your ready-made postcard on the postcard screen.

Can I track the progress of a bill?
Yes.  On the postcard screen, click on the box icon in the upper left corner.

How many organizations can I choose to send me alerts? 

How do I choose not to receive an alert on a bill?
On the email postcard, select “no thanks.” You will not receive another alert on that bill.

How can I learn more about an organization on the app?
Tap on the organization logo and you are taken to the organization’s website

How can I learn more about a bill in the app?
On an organization home screen, tap on a bill and you will see the email postcard for that bill. At the bottom of the email postcard, tap on “learn more”