The App

The iPhone App for people who want to influence causes with a tap of a button.  When a cause you care about needs your voice, you receive a mobile alert from a trusted nonprofit to “Act Now!”

Tap 1:  Open alert
Tap 2:  Send message 

Then share your message on Facebook and Twitter!


1. From your iPhone, download the Click My Cause app from the Apple Store

  1. Select your organizations to send you mobile alerts. Choose as many organizations as you like to send you alerts.
  2. Select “allow” to allow Click My Cause notifications. You must allow notifications to receive mobile alerts from your organizations.

2. Alert Notifications

  1. When an organization issues you an alert, you will see
    1. an iPhone banner alert
    2. a red badge on your Click My Cause app icon, and
    3. a red “act now” button on your home screen and on the organization home screen   

3. Two Ways to respond to your alert

  1. From the iPhone banner
    1. Tap 1: iPhone banner
    2. Tap 2: “Send Message”  
  2. From the red badge on your Click My Cause app icon, open the app
    1. Tap 1: “act now” button
    2. Tap 2: “Send Message”

4. Your First Message

  1. The first time you tap “send message,” you need to enter your street address so the app can identify your state representatives. Click My Cause does not share your personal information. Your state representatives will see your street address to know that you live in their district.

5. Repeated Alerts

  1. Look for repeated alerts as a bill passes through committees in both the CA Assembly and the Senate and finally arrives in the Governor’s office in the Fall, and as local actions wind their way through the local decision-making process.


Allow Click My Cause notifications. When you first download the app, you need to select “ok” to allow notifications. Otherwise, you won’t receive any mobile alerts.

Keep checking for updates!  You may not receive alerts if you don’t keep updating the app for the latest app version.

Thank you for downloading the app and making a difference!  If you have more questions, click here to visit our FAQ