Click My Cause . . . empowering people to influence legislation within seconds!

The Problem

Attempts to address critical causes often fail due to perceived lack of public support and interest. This false perception stems primarily from two things:
(1) People lack awareness of needed action on their cause, and
(2) People have no quick and easy way to speak up.

Our Solution

Mobile Advocacy! Advancing the public good with a click of a button. The vast majority of Americans own smartphones and always have one on them.

Mobile alerts.  When action is needed on a cause, the Click My Cause app prompts users everywhere to act via a mobile alert. Then Voila!:

  • Click 1: user opens mobile alert
  • Click 2: user emails multiple decision-makers

No more searching for action alerts in overflowing email inboxes. No webforms to fill out. No more phone calls to full voicemail box recordings.

The results are astounding

Our alerts run at near 100% action rates. Nearly everyone seeing the mobile alerts messages the decision-makers.

Our strength is in our numbers. 

The easier we make it to advocate for positive change, the more effective and relevant we become.

We are proud to be a public benefit corporation.  Only organizations advancing positive social change will be allowed on the app.