Click My Cause . . . empowering to people to influence legislation within seconds!   In 2016, PTA realized 100% action rates on its education mobile alerts!  Everyone who opened a mobile alert emailed Sacramento.

The Problem

Issues fail due to perceived lack of support. Voters (1) don’t know when issues they care about are pending in Sacramento, and (2) if they do know, have no quick and easy way to speak up.

Our Solution

Creating change with the click of a button.  

Mobile phone advocacy. The vast majority of Americans own smartphones.

Mobile alerts.  Voters receive a mobile alert. With one click, the voter emails multiple state legislators (CA assembly member, CA senator, the committee where the bill is pending).

Ready-made emails.  Voters can also email ready-made postcards to Sacramento any time with the “contact representative” feature.  A voter enters the bill or issue, selects “support” or “oppose,” and clicks “send postcard.”  No more researching representatives or their contact information.  No more having to compose letters.  Our app does it all.

Our strength is in our numbers.   The easier we make it to advocate for positive change, the more effective and relevant we become.

We are proud to be a public benefit corporation.  Only organizations advancing positive social change will be allowed on the app.