About Us

Our Vision

To live in a world we love, for our generation and generations to come.

Our Mission 

Empowering people and organizations to quickly and easily speak up to elected officials. Effective large-scale public interest grassroots advocacy.

  • People truly care about their causes, but don’t know WHEN or HOW to quickly act to make a difference.
  • Nonprofits have thoroughly researched the issues
  • Socially conscious businesses want to support the greater good
  • Elected officials and decision makers need to hear from more people
Our Solution 

The Two-Tap App. Mobile advocacy! The vast majority of Americans own smartphones and always have one on them.

Mobile alerts.  When action is needed on a cause, a Click My Cause nonprofit prompts people everywhere to act via a mobile alert. Then Voila!:

  • Tap 1: Open alert
  • Tap 2: Message decision-makers

For individuals, easy to see alerts, and quick action
For nonprofits, high action rates and broad outreach beyond membership to all people on the app
For elected officials, real-time access to people’s views.

Astounding Results

Our alerts run at near 100% action rates. Nearly everyone seeing the mobile alerts messages the decision-makers.

Strength in numbers

The easier we make it to advocate for positive change, the more effective and relevant we become.

We are proud to be a public benefit corporation.  Only organizations advancing positive social impact are on the app.