Oppose Proposed Federal Cuts to School Meals

Budgets are a statement of our priorities. Ensuring children are well-fed, and can concentrate and learn in school, is critical to growing our future healthy, educated workforce. The United States federal SNAP program, subsidizing meals for low income working families and their children, is a wise investment in our future workforce.

For many students, this is their one nutritious meal of the day. According to the Santa Clara County Office of Education, two million California children currently receive for free-and-reduced cost school meals.

We state the obvious in saying a hungry child can’t concentrate of learn. Beyond that, chronic hunger impacts a child’s developmental growth.

The federal government, however, currently proposes to decrease eligibility for SNAP (food stamps), taking food from low-income families and preventing children from receiving school meals.

Simultaneously, the federal government proposes to increase yacht purchase tax write offs for  the wealthy, increasing the maximum tax deduction for yacht purchases from $500,000 to $1 million. The wealthy can write off a yacht purchase as a “second home” if the yacht includes a bathroom, sleeping berth and a kitchen.

The deadline to oppose these federal SNAP cuts is Sept. 23, 2019

Oppose these proposed cuts with two-taps on your iPhones by signing up for mobile alerts from the Palo Alto PTA Council, the San Ramon PTA Council or Orchard City Indivisible.