Restore CA Schools to Fully Funded: AB 39

Close your eyes. Imagine California K-12 public schools with no PTA fundraising and no education foundations. Imagine no more parcel taxes to fund our schools. This is not a fantasy. This is the state of California K-12 schools before Prop. 13, when our schools were top ranked – fully funded and performing at the highest level.

CA K-12 schools now rank near bottom in per-student funding (cost of living adjusted) and in academic performance (math, reading). Despite being a top taxing state, we rank 45th in the percentage of our income spent on education. We rank 45th in student-teacher ratios and 48th in staff per student.

California has the world’s 5th largest economy. Yet, 4 out of 5 states spend more on public education, on a per-student basis (cost of living adjusted). We rank 45th in the percentage of taxable income spent on K-12 education.

California spends

  • $2000 less per student than the national average
  • $7000 less per student than the average of the top 10 states
  • $77000 per year on a prison inmate (our prisons are 1/2 full of high school dropouts) but just $10k per year to educate a student

For the vast majority of our public schools, resources that were standard no longer exist: school counselors, librarians, nurses, music programs,

You can change this! Sign up for mobile alerts of the Palo Alto PTA Council and San Ramon Valley Council of PTAs to support AB 39, restoring CA’s investment in K-12 education.