Invest in Students – Reduce Prison Costs

California just about spends more money on a high-school dropout in his first year in prison than during his entire K-12 education ($80,000 per prison inmate, per year versus $11,400 per student, per year, 2018-19 budget).

California ranks #1 in the U.S. in per-inmate prison spending and ranks near bottom on per-student spending (cost-of-living adjusted).

California spends $2,000 less per-student per-year than the national average.

California schools were once the model for the nation – fully funded and top ranked. Then Proposition 13 passed in 1978, slashing our education funds. We immediately dropped to 40th in per-student spending, and spiraled downward ever since. Since California’s failure to invest in K-12 schools, California built 20 new prisons, one-half full of the resulting high school dropouts.

Even if California doubled our spending per-student, we’d still spend only 1/4 per year on that student compared to what we will spend per year when that student enters our prison system as a prison inmate.

You can help to fix this

AB 2808, a bill to increase the California investment in our K-12 students, is NOW UP FOR VOTE in the California legislature. Download the FREE Click My Cause Two-Tap app to receive mobile alerts from any PTA on the app to support this bill. You will support the bill with just two taps on your phone.

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