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Congrats!! You Made a Difference!!
2019 Successes – Governor signed these into law

Gun Violence prevention  (AB 1603)
Gun violence restraining orders (AB 339)
Oil spill protections (AB 936)
Smog checks for big rigs (SB 210)
Rape kit testing (AB 749)
On campus medication abortion services (higher ed) (SB 24)
Childcare providers collective bargaining protections (AB 378)
Family childcare home provider supports (SB 234)
LGBTQ Teacher training (AB 493)
Protections for CA national monuments (AB 342)
Protections for sexual harassment victims (SB 22)
Safe and affordable drinking water (AB 74)
Protections for bobcats and horses (AB 1254, AB 128)
An end to private prisons (AB 32)
Protected Coyote Valley (AB 948)
Public banking in CA (AB 857)
Closed the vaccine loophole (SB 276)
Charter school regulations (AB 1505, AB 1507)


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